EDU 522: Digital Teaching and Learning Too

Summer Bootcamp 2018

J. Gregory McVerry

Getting Started on WordPress

This is a step by step tutorial. For mor information on how everything works visit the Getting Started for Beginners Guide.

Step One: Set up Shared Hosting

We will be using Reclaim Hosting as our shared host. Please register an account and set up a domain. The next step is to install WordPress

Step Two: Uploading an IndieWeb Theme

You have three themes you can that are compatible with the IndieWeb tools we can use You can read more about each theme on the beginner guide We will be adding a page builder feature later in the tutorial. Click the button to download the file:

Step Three: Add The IndieWeb Plugins

To learn more about each plugin visit the IndieWeb wiki Plugin Page

Step Four: Add an h-card to your site

An h-card tells the rest of the web your wrote your site and are the author

You can also manually add an h-card