EDU 522: Digital Teaching and Learning Too

Summer Bootcamp 2018

J. Gregory McVerry

Feedback Loops

Feedback flickr photo by Skley shared under a Creative Commons (BY-ND) license

Feedback matters and digital teaching and learning provide us new avenues to deliver feedback.

We will explore alternatives of assessment such as badging, think about how feedback loops look in the wild and generally try to be supportive of each other's growth

The Readings

Rhizomatic Learning

David Cormier . Rhizomatic Education : Community as Curriculum. Blog Post


Colin Mathews . Unwelcome Innovation. Institute of Higher Education Essay

Affinity Spaces

James Paul Gee . When Learning and Assessing Diverge: Who and What Are We Assessing . Title Unknown PDF

The Tasks


Complete the readings.

Read whatever way you want. Nobody should dictate your external storage devices. Just share what strategies you used when you were done.


Post on Your Blog

What should we measure? Are badges stupid? Can we gamify learning? Does assessment ruin learning? Explore assessment in some way.


Improve Your Feedback

Go back through our class feed identify time the community created feedback loops. Find someone's backstage blog posts. Look for growth in their post. Write a post on your reflection to date.


  • Create effective feedback loops
  • Evaluate assessment strategies


  • Feedback left for each other
  • Blog Posts comparing or critquing assessment strategy
  • Reflections on personal growth