EDU 522: Digital Teaching and Learning Too

Summer Bootcamp 2018

J. Gregory McVerry

Module Two: Privacy V Open

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In this class, and in a philosophical view that reflective practice leads to better practice, you are asked to work openly. However, at no times is anyone required to share a anything you make. You can choose to syndicate your post, keep it less broacasted and share it among people who follow you, password protect posts, or even keep them private.

You set your level of privacy on the open web. That is a major part of the point. When you use other networks, THEY and not YOU control how privacy set. Naturally students taking for credit must share assignments but these to can be password protected.

Yet I do want you to at least explore the benifits of open pedagogy even if you lurk. Follow along and watch as rich feedback loops and just in time teaching occur as your classmates become the community and the community becomes the curriculum.

The Readings

Why Students Should Blog in Public

Laura Gogia . Why Students Should Blog in Public. Messy Thinking Check It Out!

It's Complicated: Ch 1 & 2

danah boyd . its complicated: the social network lives of teens. Yale New Haven Press New Haven.

The Tasks


Complete the readings.

As you read danah boyd think back to your high school years. Take notes and compare the two. What do wish you knew? What do you wish your teachers new? Wha role should privacy play in the lives of students? Share these notes...Hint figure out some way to annotate. or Sketch notes those are cool...or note notes, we like those two. Just read with a purpose, and choose some external storage device


Post on Your Blog

What does open mean to you? What is the role of privacy in a networked society? Have you ever had a situation of collapsing contexts?


Open V Privacy

Find an image that represents your views of open. Find an image that represents your views about privacy. Figure out something to do with both of your pics.


  • Explore the tension between privacy and open
  • Explore the connection between open and privacy


  • Images and Metaphors
  • Blog Posts
  • Notes