EDU 522: Digital Teaching and Learning Too

Summer Bootcamp 2018

J. Gregory McVerry

Teach Something Project

Choose a task you want to teach in school. Make a series of media to help. This could be a screencast, a series of graphic organziers, podcasts, a website.

Your goal is to teach something new.

Reflect on the instructional design choices you made.

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Choose a topic and Develop A Plan.
    It is best if you choose something you have taught before to focus on how media production can influence learning and to reflect on your learning of media production.
    • Document what will be learned. Create a map, a web of ideas, a taxonomy of skills, list of objectives, etc. What are the key takeways for students? What do they need to know? What do they need to do.
    • Develop s post media activity a learner could complete that would then provide you with evidence that this learning has been met. Keep it quick, concise. Media and evidence activity.
  2. Learn About MultiMedia Learning

    Curate a reading list

    • Identify good sources about principles in multimedia learning. Bookmark these for your classmates. Explain why they were chosen. Feel free to ask experts if you get stuck. Try Google Scholar as well
    • Develop some way to share the list of bookmarks with your classmates
  3. Create a Learning Series across types of media

    Choose diffent media forms, Animoto, video, Voki, Glogster, website, hypercard, lite-bright, podcast, play script, etc designed to help people learn.

    • Storyboard or plan each media type
    • Identify how you reinforce key learning across multiple modes
    • Make the media. If you findtutorials along the way please try to remembet to bookmark and share.
  4. Reflect on the process

    Describe what you learned and if you think it is worth the instructional design and delivery time.

    • Describe what you did
    • Tell us what you learned
    • Challenges?
    • By now you know I encourage reflection on what we learn as the best evidence of what people learn
  • Curate a useful set of bookmarks and justify source selection.
  • Utilize a theory of multimedia learning in the process of instructional design
  • Create three different types of media for learning
  • Post a series of reflections while and after you complete the project
  • Storyboards that demonstrate sequential learning
  • Notes and reflections on instructional design
  • The responses to bookmarks display a consideration of source
  • Reflections provide a critical analaysis of one's performance
Instructional Designer Level Two Badge

Successful completion of this task, as judged by Dr McVerry as successfully meeting the criteria of this project will lead to issuance of a Instructional Designer Level Two Badge.

To apply for this badge send a reply to this page as a webmention in a post describing and/or including links to your evidence.