EDU 522: Digital Teaching and Learning Too

Summer Bootcamp 2018

J. Gregory McVerry

Digital Hygiene

Take stock of your digital life. You will either use digital tools to help with organization, the quantified self, or do a digital detox

Your goal is to understand the human computer interaction while improving your life

Reflect on the choices you made.

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Choose a topic
    Digital Health Comes in Many Forms
    • Digital Detox You will take stock at how often you use social media and then reduce your consumption. You will then reflect on the process.
    • Productivity Hack Want to try the Pomodoro Technique of buil a personal scrumboard? Us digital tools to improve productivity
    • The Quantified Self
  2. Digital Detox

    Develop and Share Your Plan

    • Develop a plan for X number of days
    • Share your timeline with your classmates
  3. Bookmark a few tutorials

    Share the resources and videos you find.

    • If you do the digital detox find articles on the effect social media has on people
    • Or grab testimonials about people using your productivity hack
    • Post updates about your journey
  4. Reflect on the process

    Describe what you learned and if you think it is worth the effort.

    • Describe what you did
    • Tell us what you learned
    • Challenges?
    • By now you know I encourage reflection on what we learn as the best evidence of what people learn
  • Reflect on your relationship with technology
  • Use data to make informed decisions
  • Keep an activity log
  • Post a series of reflections while and after you complete the project
  • Use of trend data
  • Numerical analysis in reflections
  • Collection of resources on the topics
  • Reflections provide a critical analaysis of one's performance
Digital Hygeine Level Two Badge

Successful completion of this task, as judged by Dr McVerry as successfully meeting the criteria of this project will lead to issuance of a Digital Hygeine Level Two Badge.

To apply for this badge send a reply to this page as a webmention in a post describing and/or including links to your evidence.